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state inspectionIn the state of Pennslyvania, every car out there on the road is required to undergo a yearly state safety and emission inspection. It doesn’t matter what you drive, each and every year you’re going to have to remember to get these vital checks done before your personal deadline. Failing to do so can result in the inability to register your vehicle and hefty fines, so if it is time for your PA state safety and emissions inspection in Denver, PA, bring your vehicle to the place you’ve already trusted for years – Green Lawn Garage!

Safety Inspection Denver PA

So what happens during a safety inspection? We do a basic check-up of your vehicle for things that could be considered safety hazards. We will check your tires to make sure the tread is healthy and there is no dry rot. We will check your mirrors and headlights to make sure everything is in order. We even check your windshield wipers to make sure they are working properly! We, of course, check safety features like airbags and seatbelts as well. We check it all to make sure your car meets basic PA state safety standards, which helps keep everyone safe. And if you don’t pass inspection? We can help you get fixed up right here in our shop.

Emissions Inspection Denver PA

Your yearly emission inspection is required to make sure your car is running cleanly and not producing too many pollutants. We check your car’s exhaust and gas cap, and send the results of the test directly to the state. Most newer model cars have no problem passing this vital inspection, but older models may not be able to. If your car, for some reason, does not pass this inspection, our team can help get you fixed up and pass that test!

PA State Safety & Emissions Inspections Near Me

When it comes that time of year, make sure you get your vehicle to us for your PA state safety & emissions inspection in Denver, PA. We are licensed by the state to perform these inspections, and the best part is if you can’t pass, our team can help you get things tuned-up and help you pass that test. Let Green Lawn Garage handle your PA state safety & emissions inspection in Denver, PA!

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